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The second cohort of our taylor made training and mentoring program started as usually with our first workshop on 10th April. The set of 7 practical entrepreneurial skills training workshops focused on the topics such as Market Analysis, Business Planning and Modelling, Marketing, Customers, Sale, Finances and Presentation Skills within 3 months helps the 15 new start-up teams shift their projects to a next phase.

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The start-up projects greatly vary from new technologies (design experiments of applying biotechnology of micro-algae to home lamps, technologies used for acoustic thermic modification of wood) and cool medical stuff (improving health prevention by scanning the intestinal microbiome and recommending custom made food supplements) to new brands (creating unique pieces of clothes and jewellery or producing branded reusable eco grocery bags) and alternative educational courses (for primary school children using a combination of learning skills, for company employees in nutrition and healthy lifestyle). And of course, the always popular mobile apps and software improvements (helping families impacted with autism or apps innovatively improving performance of various tools in social networks, economic software and city parking).