Area (m2)

50 m2

Weekly calendar 

Playpark Brno has a weekly calendar.

Monthly calendar

At the first part we have workshop every week (around 8 workshops). And then it is more about individual coaching and mentoring.

Opening hours per week 

Every Tuesday from 4pm to 8pm From the end of April to and of August is coming mentoring and individual coaching time according participants needs.

Number of staff

7 (3 staff/methodology, 4 coaches/methodology)

Regional Playpark’s focus

We focus on creating business ideas that solve real problems on the market either with economy driven innovation or social drive innovation.

Needs of the start-ups brought into the training programme

Support for “startups” in early stage (understand the stage even before the startup), promoting entrepreneurship “mentality” to students and help them to develop their own business idea. 

Support for our target group (“startups” in early stage) is missing but at the universities (as our survey found out) there is 40 % student that would like to start a business. 

Our start-ups need good coaching and mentoring they don’t know how to develop their idea. Our aim is to show them how it can be successfully done.

Structure/programme provided to the start-ups within the six months training

Participants of Playpark Brno are taught how to do successful business. We help them prepare their own business plans. Lecturers are young, capable and successful people with large experience who give their advices and experience to the participants how to start a business, what to avoid, and what to focus on or how to eliminate losses.

Playpark Brno provides comprehensive course, networking events, mentoring, coaching, feedbacks from entrepreneurs and investors.