Area (m2)

60 m2 + if necessary, additional rooms in the building (for example, a cafe for special meetings with business representatives and regional authorities)

Weekly calendar 

1-3 + individual meetings with mentors (the number of events depends on the needs of the participants)

Monthly calendar

4-12 + individual meetings with mentors

Opening hours per week 

10.00 – 18.00 + trainings hours (if they last longer)

Number of staff

4. This data is variable - in the case of hours. Hours are adjusted to the requirements and the current one.

Regional Playpark’s focus

No. Our goal was not to focus on one industry. We wanted to be flexible and meet the needs of the participants. In addition, one of our goals is to develop local activities in the Nowa Huta district. This requires cooperation with various industries.

Needs of the start-ups brought into the training programme

It depends. Some Participants have only an idea for action and they know nothing about running a business. Others look for specific help when setting up a business. Our goal is to adapt our support to their needs. So that each of them would be able to set up a company at the end. And also to be able to assess whether this company will survive.

Structure/programme provided to the start-ups within the six months training

Mentoring, coaching, meetings with business practitioners.